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Providing the safest possible environment for everyone at Riverside Holiday Park Newquay Cornwall

Return To Riverside Holiday Park Safely

Be together, Safely spaced, enjoy yourselves & respect others

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the closure of all holiday parks in the UK. As we are excited and eager for you to return to the park, please bare in mind that steps have been put in place to maintain social distancing and keep everyone safe. The guidelines in this policy are subject to change as the government guidelines are likely to evolve. This policy will give you an early indication of the steps that will be in place for the foreseeable future.

This policy has been created in conjunction with the recommended guidelines issued by BRITISH HOME & HOLIDAY PARK ASSOCIATION and UK GOVERNMENT.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safest possible environment for all caravan park visitors. All visitors and family will be expected to follow these guidelines, any anyone not adhering to the policy may be asked to leave the park for the safety of others.

We are delighted to welcome you back

Paul MIller.
Riverside Holiday Park

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Symptoms

The incubation period of COVID-19 is thought to be between 2 to 14 days (it is believed to be an average of 5 days). This means that if a person remains well 14 days after contact with someone with confirmed corona virus, they have probably not been infected.

Before arrival:

We ask all visitors not to come to Riverside Holiday Park if you or a member of your household have had Corona virus symptoms in the 2 weeks leading up to your arrival.

If you or someone in your unit becomes unwell and believes they have been exposed to COVID-19 on the park:

Report your symptoms immediately by calling the NHS 111 from your mobile (or 999 if an emergency i.e. if they are seriously ill or injured or their life is at risk) and outline your current symptoms.

Please report your symptoms to a member of staff, by calling 01637 873617.

Please ensure you move to an area which is at least 2 metres away from others. If possible, a room or an area where you can isolate behind a closed door. If it is possible to open a window, we recommend doing so for ventilation. Again, it is imperative that the individual who is unwell call NHS 111 (or 999 if an emergency i.e. if they are seriously ill or injured or their life is at risk).

Whilst waiting for advice from NHS 111 or an ambulance to arrive, please remain at least 2 metres away from other people. Avoid touching any people, surfaces and objects and we advise you cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue to minimise contamination. If you cough or sneeze put the tissue in a bag or pocket then throw the tissue in the bin. If you don’t have any tissues available, cough and sneeze into the crook of your elbow.

After departing from the room/area they have been occupying, it is imperative to thoroughly clean and disinfect the area to minimise the risk of spreading.


If you are unwell and are showing any of the 3 main signs of Corona Virus (a new continuous cough, a high temperature, a loss of, or change in your normal sense of taste or smell, you must leave the park,return to your home and request a test.

It is strictly prohibited to self isolate on the park.

Self Contained Holiday Homes Static, Tourers & Campervans

Track and Trace

We are required by government to maintain a record of who is on the park at all times and have their contact details logged.

This information must be kept for at least 21 days.

Therefore, on arrival to the park you will need to email us the following information below or if you are not internet friendly, then this registration can be done by informing the office by posting a note through the office letterbox.

WE WILL REQUIRE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: Your caravan number, the date you will be staying (arrival & departure) and name of people staying in your caravan.

Please inform us if you plan to stay longer or leave earlier than stated. Again, via email, contacting the office in person or telephone.

This applies to caravan owners letting their caravan -please inform these customers of our policy.

Where possible, please use the online/electronic options as this allows you a lot more flexibility should your plans change.

Your Holiday Home

  • Social distancing must be practised whilst on the site. This means no close interaction between people outside your unit.

  • We ask that you do not have day visitors during your visit as we need to track and trace everyone on the park.

  • For those owners who let their holiday homes - You are able to however you are responsible for ensuring that it is let to members of the same family, they are aware of the track and trace policy and the cleaning standards are met.

What can you do to help:

  • Wash hands regularly with soap and hot water (for more than 20 seconds).
  • Use the hand sanitisers provided or situated around the holiday park communal areas.
  • Keep 2 metres distance between anyone not from your own household
  • Dispose of any rubbish in the waste areas provided
  • Observe current government rules for group meetings outside and indoors

Park & General Information

Social Distancing

Social distancing must be practised on the site at all times. This means no close interaction between people outside of your unit.

Walking Around the Park

It is prohibited to have any visitors at your caravan, However, there may be local residents and staff walking about the park so please respect the social distancing rules at all times.

Park Office / Reception & Supplies Shop

The Park office / Reception hours will be posted outside the office. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our team we would prefer if you call us on 01637 873617

If for any reason you have to visit the office / reception we ask that you sanitise your hands before entering and that there is only 1 person allowed in at any one time.

The shop is available for essential items only. (milk, bread, washing / cleaning products and personal hygiene items).

Children Play Area

The children's play area will remain closed for the 2020 season.

Heated Swimming Pool

The heated swimming pool is currently closed. 

Shared Toilet Showing Block, Launderette & Dish Washing Facilities

Toilet & Shower Block - We ask customers to please keep to the recommended social distancing of 2 metres, regarding bathroom sinks within the communal toilet shower areas, there are 4 sinks within each block and we ask that you use the 2 outer end sinks. (the 2 middle sinks are currently non operational), this will enable you to keep a safe distance from anyone. Please try to keep the numbers of people down within the actual toilet shower block where possible. As a guide we recommend no more than 7 people within each of the male or female conveniences at any one time.

We kindly ask Touring Caravan and Motor-home customers to please use their own toilets where possible. We are not requesting you do not use the facilities, just kindly asking that you help to keep the numbers within the block to a minimum, helping to ensure everyone's safety.

Launderette - Only one person at a time is allowed in the launderette. Please note a wash cycle is 1 hour 10 minutes long. Please ensure that you return to collect your washing within this time frame. This is to avoid contact with anyone else. Under no circumstances should you touch or remove any one else's washing from a washing machine or dryer. Please keep to the wash cycle times and collect your washing on time.

Dish Washing -  No more than 2 people are allowed in the shared dish washing facilities.

Please note that these rules and guidelines are subject to change and you will be notified of any updates.