Riverside Holiday Park Newquay Cornwall

At Riverside Holiday Park all of our holiday homes, chalets and lodges are sanitised using a misting/fogging machine developed for hospital operating theatres and deep cleaning. The atomised sanitation product kills 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses.

The video below is a short example of our fogging process:

How Does it Work?

This process atomises a super strength disinfectant solution which turns into a fine mist and creates a complete cloud of disinfecting microscopic droplets. The droplets enter the atmosphere of the whole room being cleansed and help sanitise every aspect of the area, walls, ceilings, floors and surfaces. The disinfecting mist gets into every area, and places that normal cleaning could never reach

  • Sanitisation is completed between every guest departing and prior to all new arrivals occupying any of our holiday premises
  • All pillows, quilts, mattresses and cushions are sanitised using the same anti viral fogging technique

Further to the Fog Sanitising process all linen and bedding are washed to Government advised guidelines at a 70°C+ temperature this kills all known bacteria and viruses.